Pete Beach Award

At the NWOSSAA Annual General Meeting, every May, the Pete Beach Award is given to a deserving recipient based on the criteria outlined below. That being said the upcoming association rotation to give the Pete Beach Award is: 2020 SSSAA | 2021 NSSSAA | 2022: NorWOSSA

OFSAA Pete Beach Award Criteria
The Pete Beach Award is presented annually to one person in each association who exemplifies the qualities of Pete Beach, a former Executive Director of OFSAA. Pete dedicated his life to sport and to helping others achieve their full potential, not just as an athlete, but as a person.

A recipient of the Pete Beach Award should exemplify the same dedication, spirit and love of sport that made Pete Beach such a success in both his professional and private life. He worked tirelessly to help young people both within the school system and also within the community.

As the certificate states, β€œIn view of the complexity of the developmental process, it is the rare educator indeed who has the capacity to utilize the medium of school sport in such a way as to positively and sufficiently influence students in the remainder of their lives. That educator is one who consistently provides an impression of stability and optimism; one who enjoys the company and respect of young people; one who embodies, and inculcates by example, the highest traditions of the sportsperson; one who best typifies the true function of the teach-coach – a source of discipline, a mentor and a friend.”

Past Pete Beach Award Recipients:
2018: Virginia McMillan (Lake Superior H.S.)
2017: Harry Curtis (Hammarskjold H.S.)
2016: George Lotsios (Ignace School)
2015: Phillipe Lacroix
2014: Brian McLeod
2013: Dan Shankowsky
2012: Karen Saarimaki
Ellen Jardine
Roger Bradford
Bobo Penner
Ted Murphy
Ron Haworth
Charlie Viddal
Albert Slivinski
Terry Cooper
Barry Hancock
Lee Batsone
Robert Kirkpatrick
Gerald Gannon
Reino Niemi
Herb Mayr
Ferg Penner
George Paddington
Ross Hryhorchuk
Rick Frank
Dan Walter
Judy Sellinger
Ian Simpson
Don Sutherland
Randy Klockars
Gord Brooks
Kathy Clouthier