Pete Beach Award

At the NWOSSAA Annual General Meeting, every May, the Pete Beach Award is given to a deserving recipient based on the criteria outlined below. That being said the upcoming association rotation to give the Pete Beach Award is: 2020 SSSAA | 2021 NSSSAA | 2022: NorWOSSA

OFSAA Pete Beach Award Criteria
The Pete Beach Award is presented annually to one person in each association who exemplifies the qualities of Pete Beach, a former Executive Director of OFSAA. Pete dedicated his life to sport and to helping others achieve their full potential, not just as an athlete, but as a person.

A recipient of the Pete Beach Award should exemplify the same dedication, spirit and love of sport that made Pete Beach such a success in both his professional and private life. He worked tirelessly to help young people both within the school system and also within the community.

As the certificate states, β€œIn view of the complexity of the developmental process, it is the rare educator indeed who has the capacity to utilize the medium of school sport in such a way as to positively and sufficiently influence students in the remainder of their lives. That educator is one who consistently provides an impression of stability and optimism; one who enjoys the company and respect of young people; one who embodies, and inculcates by example, the highest traditions of the sportsperson; one who best typifies the true function of the teach-coach – a source of discipline, a mentor and a friend.”

Past Pete Beach Award Recipients:
2023: Lauri McFarlane (SSSAA – St. Ignatius H.S.)
2022: Mike Lalonde (NorWOSSA – Dryden H.S.)
2020: Rob Murphy (SSSSA – St. Ignatius H.S.)
2019: Steve Poling (NorWOSSA Principal)
2018: Virginia McMillan (NSSSAA – Lake Superior H.S.)
2017: Harry Curtis (SSSAAA – Hammarskjold H.S.)
2016: George Lotsios (NorWOSSA – Ignace School)
2015: Phillipe Lacroix (NSSSAA)
2014: Brian McLeod (SSSAA)
2013: Dan Shankowsky (NorWOSSA)
2012: Karen Saarimaki (NSSSAA)
2011: Kathy Clouthier (SSSAA – Port Arthur C.I.)
2010: Jim Robertson (NorWOSSA)
2009: Ellen Jardine (NSSSAA – Chapleau H.S.
2008: Roger Bradford (SSSAA – Sir Winston Churchill C. & V.I.)
2005: Don Sutherland (SSSAA – Secretary – Hammarskjold H.S.)
2001: Rich Frank
2000: Ross Hryhorchuk
1999: George Paddington (SSSAA – Fort William C.I.)
1998: Ferg Penner
1997: Herb Mayr
1996: Reino Niemi
1995: Gerald Gannon
1994: Robert Kirkpatrick
1993: Lee Batstone
1992: Barry Hancock
1991: Terry Cooper
1990: Albert Slivinski
1989: Charlie Viddal
1988: Ron Haworth
1987: Ted Murphy
1986: Bobo Penner
Dan Walter
Judy Sellinger
Ian Simpson
Randy Klockars
Gord Brooks