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The Northwestern Ontario Secondary Schools Athletics Association (NWOSSAA) is one of many regional high school sports organizations in the province of Ontario.
NWOSSAA is made up of three smaller organizations which run their own sports and leagues.
The western side of the trio, is the Northwestern Ontario Secondary Schools Athletics Association (NorWOSSA) which is named the same, but not to be confused with NWOSSAA. NorWOSSA covers a vast expanse from Kenora south to Rainy River east to Atikokan to the northern border in Red Lake.
The middle of the three organizations is the Superior Secondary Schools Athletics Association (SSSAA) which consists of the schools in the city of Thunder Bay.
The east side is represented by the North Shore Secondary Schools Athletics Association (NSSSAA).

NSSSAA’s western end is Nipigon-Red Rock as far north as Longlac, to the eastern and southern towns of Chapleau and Wawa.
In simple terms NWOSSAA’s purpose is to facilitate competition between the three organizations. As a member of the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA), NWOSSAA facilitates that competition by doing two things. First is promoting the best and finest of our athletes to compete at a provincial championship through a regional level competition. Secondly and most importantly is to bring out the best of those experiences that contribute to building better student-athletes, coaches, referees, parents and administrators through education on the field, on the court, on the mat, on the track, in practice, in relationships and in the game.

2023 Annual General Meeting

2023 Meeting Date: Friday, May 5th – Place/Time: DaVinci Centre/9:00am
2023 Agenda
Generic Motion Sheet
2023 Motions: Badminton | Basketball | Track & Field

Meeting Overview: The primary way that NWOSSAA administers its mandate is through the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Given the geographical expanse covered by NWOSSAA, we meet once a year scheduled on the first Friday in May yearly in Thunder Bay.
The AGM is preceded by meetings of the NWOSSAA Executive Council and Council meetings of NorWOSSA, SSSAA, and NSSSAA (all private meetings on Thursday of the same week) who discuss things that take place in their regions and the agenda for the upcoming AGM.

After that, the majority of discussions at the AGM follow an agenda that takes into account results of championships the previous year, talks about changes to the constitution, by-laws and playing regulations which have been drafted up through motions brought forth before the meeting or during the meeting (if need be). Votes on those motions are resolved; medals or “awards” for next years events are distributed and things like contact information and the calendars are finalized and distributed.
The Constitution, by-laws, playing regulations and all past historical documents can be found below.

Constitution and By-Laws

Current Constitution and By-Laws (April 2020)

Playing Regulations

Past Meeting Minutes

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